Raison d’être

Sport is a business like no other. It possesses a unique set of qualities that make it a desirable, but complex commodity – one which has the power to influence consumer behaviour as well as geopolitics.

We are a strategic investment partner for HNWIs, institutional investors and sovereign entities who seek to leverage this commodity to drive tangible and intangible returns.

How we operate

We think differently.
In an industry whose product is highly emotive, we are rational and objective.

We act differently.
Actionable, data driven insights are at the heart of our rigorous strategic approach.

What we do

With a combined 50 years experience in private equity, marketing and sport, we provide seasoned investors with a sophisticated platform to deploy investment capital in sport.

We have access to proprietary and off-market opportunities across the value chain and are strictly focused on sub sectors within the industry that are primed for long term growth.

We direct financial and intellectual capital to situations where we can inject relevant, high profile assets to unleash the potential of portfolio companies.


Two-Time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso Gears Up For New Cycling Venture

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 October, 2014: Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula One World Champion sees a wealth of opportunity in the business of cycling and has today joined forces with sport investment managers, NOVO to acquire a portfolio of assets whose growth they can help to accelerate.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this new venture” said the Scuderia Ferrari driver. “I get to indulge my passion for cycling and obsession with technology and design with likeminded people. We see a window of opportunity and plan to kick it wide open!”

This past decade has seen cycling dubbed ‘the new golf’ and the emergence of a new breed of enthusiasts affectionately known as mamil’s (or middle aged men in lycra). With annual revenues of over $50bn a year worldwide, it is now the largest sector of the sporting goods industry with a 15% share.

Commenting on their strategy, NOVO’s Managing Partner Nathan Pillai says that the timing couldn’t be better. “Current social, economic and market conditions have created an attractive proposition for investors. Our research points to certain segments of the market where participation, consumption and media interest in all things cycling are on the up. Inspired by what we have learnt in F1, we see opportunities in high performance products, wearable technologies and content that serve these segments. We have access to off-market and proprietary opportunities as well as a competitive advantage over financial investors.”

Luis Garcia Abad, a Director of the new venture explains that this advantage extends to both investors and portfolio companies. “We will direct our resources to situations where we can add real value. We have some great assets that we can deploy to transform the growth potential of our portfolio companies which ultimately improves the return on invested capital for our shareholders.”

The unparalleled success of the Tour de France Grand Départ in England this past summer together with the growing popularity of mass participation amateur events have also helped to firmly establish cycling as one of the World’s top sports.
Professional cycling’s UCI World Tour is one of the more cost efficient sponsorship platforms available for companies looking to reach an attractive demographic. The best performing World Tour team in 2012 delivered over a half a billion dollars of equivalent media value to its sponsors according to a report by Repucom, a leader in sports marketing research.

On the subject of Mr. Alonso’s long awaited team, Mr. Pillai said that it remains an integral component of their plans. “Just as motor sport provides a platform for manufacturers to reach potential buyers, professional cycling gives us a powerful shop window to integrate our portfolio companies, conduct R&D and promote our activities. We want to create a competitive, sustainable team franchise that is loved and admired for its innovation, transparency and commitment to social responsibility. We are busy putting in place the foundations required to achieve the long term success we desire and will make an announcement on our progress in due course.”

On the role he plans to play in the new venture, Mr. Alonso says, “I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the World’s most desirable and innovative companies such as Ferrari, Oakley, Renault and McLaren. In the relentless pursuit of success, I know what makes an organization successful. It is this experience and desire to win that I will bring to this project.”

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